Nathiagali, Thandiani receive snowfall


The mountainous series of Abbottabad city received snowfall on Sunday over the renowned hill tops Meera Jani, Nathiagali, Thandiani and Changla Gali of Galuyat almost 3 inch layer of snow was reported.

Severe intensity of cold has confined the resident’s inner side of their respective homes since morning, however, more snow was expected during the falling night as the icy clouds deepen over the sky possessing more snow fall & the rain on lower parts of the city The Murree road leading to Nathiagali was covered with thin traffic as the hill tops temperature was minus 3 centigrade reported by the met office.

Leepa valley, Hatchie, Narran, and Kaghan was fully covered with heavy snow while the Silk Route was opened for each kind of traffic, most of the tourists staying at Narran hotels were confined in them as the coldest weather does not allow them to face intensity of cold which was reported by met office just minus 3 centigrade.

Meanwhile, the traders’ fraternity was observed sitting on their respective shopping centers, by focusing their eyes to watch the customers but it was found thin because of severity of cold weather.

Most of the pedestrian found wearing the woolen clothes but various streets and the road were fully covered with rainy water.

The Iqbal Road started right from Sethi Mosque was full of rainy water as the Cantonment Board Abbottabad have had started work to repair its dilapidated situation but cannot proceed further because of some unknown reasons.