Nasir Shah urged to take notice of no water in North Nazimabad



Prominent industrialist, former president of North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry(NKATI), Naseem Akhtar, while expressing deep concern over no supply of water to the residents of North Karachi Block N, street 8, and requested Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Minister Local Government to take notice and play his role in restoring the water supply to the residents.

In an appeal, Naseem Akhtar pointed out that the residents of North Nazimabad block N, street 8, for last 10 years are longing for a drop of drinking water and they are forced to buy water at exorbitant prices.

Therefore, keeping in view the sanctity of the month of Ramadan, the residents of the area should be rid of the tanker mafia and the supply of clean water to the houses should be ensured.

He further said that Sakhi Hassan Hydrant is located near but no water for North Nazimabad Block N Street No. 8.

We including senior officials of the KWSB, had lodged several complaints with the Deputy Commissioner Central and pointed out the acute shortage of water and apprised the people of the difficulties faced but water supply not restored.

“All efforts were in vain as neither the KWSB officials took notice of the residence grievances nor the Deputy Commissioner Central played any role in ensuring water supply to the residents of the area.”

, he said, adding that now we have pinned our last hope with the Minister of Local Government Sindh, and we hopeful that the Syed Nasir Hussain Shah will address their grievances and issue strict directives to the KWSB authorities for restoration of the water supply.

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