Nasir Shah directs SBCA to end menace of land encroachment


Sindh Local BodiesMinister Nasir Hussain Shah on Tuesday convened Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) huddle to discuss the menace of land encroachment that, according to him, gives a bad name to the entire institution.

The minister instructed the building department to expedite the anti-encroachment drive and seek assistance in their operations from law enforcement agencies.

He reassured the SBCA huddle of all sorts of support and has asked the department to revive district-level committees to oversee the encroachment bids to curb them from the get-go.

The department, Shah told SBCA huddle, needed to plan mass campaigning against land encroachment drives and said that it will be allowed new recruitment and induction of new machinery to assist its operation.

He said each personnel employed by SBCA is duty-bound to report the encroachment for it they fail to do so, it will be so considered they are an accomplice in the encroachment.

We will not let any criminal activity or encroachment take place scot-free and under the shroud of official support or lukewarm resistance, he said of the incumbent government.

The construction of illegal portions, erecting eight-storey buildings on tiny plots and thus the often collapse of such structures causing monetary and life damage, needs to stop and that all in line with the Supreme Court orders, Nasir Shah said.

Separately the transport department has written, in a letter signed by provincial transport and mass transit minister Awais Qadir Shah, to all the concerned authorities including the divisional commissioners and the Motorway Police to set up committees to oversee the fare hike in public transport.


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