Naqeebz & Kotler Impact to publish ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’

Observer Report

Naqeebz (Growth Marketing Agency) and Kotler Impact Inc. a part of World Marketing Summit Group which is Founded by Father of Modern Marketing, Prof. Philip Kotler, would be publishing the book titled “Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM)”.

Kotler Impact is launching EOMM in many countries including Pakistan this year.

This is happening for the first time that any international book to incorporate success stories of national and MNC organizations operating in the respective countries. This will bridge the gap between the Academia and corporate sectors.

Students in Pakistan and other developing countries are used to study the case studies/success stories of foreign companies as part of their textbooks and they would hardly relate with their products and services.

Now they will study about the companies, the products or services of which they either avail or see around them.