Najmi gives Rs.2.5m cheque to heirs of Shaheed Furqan



Acting on the announcement of Minister Local Government & Chairman KW&SB Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, VC KW&SB Syed Najmi Alam gave a cheque of Rupees 25 lacs to the heirs of Shaheed Furqan Akhtar. According to the spokesperson of KW&SB, Provincial Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah announced that Sindh Government & KW&WB will issue 25 lacs aid to the relatives of KW&SB Supervisor Shaheed Furqan Akhtar, who was martyred by unknown persons near Hub Reservoir.

Following the announcement VC KW&SB Syed Najmi Alam gave the cheque of Rupees 25 lacs to brother of Shaheed Furqan Akhtar at his home, On this occasion VC KW&SB gave the full assurance & support to the family of Shaheed Furqan Akhtar from the Sindh Government & KW&SB and said that he will not rest until the accused involved in the unjust bloodshed of Shaheed Furqan Akhtar are punished., SO to VC Nadeem Ahmed Kirmani, General Secretary People’s Labor Union Syed Mohsin Raza, Executive Engineer HTM Abdul Wahid Shaikh were also present at the moment.