NADRA faces hurdle in voting system for expats



The procedure adopted by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). To cast their votes by Dual National Pakistanis resident abroad is not helping many because the requirement of having both the Pakistani Passport & the NICOP card is made compulsory.

There are many a people those who do not have updated (renewed) Passports on hand because they mostly travel to Pakistan on foreign passports using NICOP for visa authorisation.When NICOP is needed as reference to apply for New passport or to renew it then why it is necessary to have both the documents to register for vote. Some wanted to register onto PM Portal but were not able due to this condition. To establish Pakistani identity is not enough to have NICOP card on hand? a big question.

On the other hand to renew the passport or the NICOP card is such a confusing procedure that many people are unable to follow the instruction on the for as it is not user friendly.NADRA holds record of all Pakistanis with their national numbers on the identity cards so for registration purposes for casting votes must be made easy by allowing to use one of the documents, both the documents should not be mandatory.

A non-resident Pakistan, Munawar Hussain Syed from London has mentioned al these difficulties on Facebook, which he faced to renew his Nadra card couple of months ago. According to him he faced problem even to register on PM portal because his Pakistani passport was expired in 2014 & he did not renew it because he did not require to the document to travel to Pakistan because he used his foreign passport & NICOP card as NICOP card facilitates Exemption of Visa to travel to Pakistan. To get new passport for children of Pakistani origin parents and or renewing the expired passports, NICOP cards is a time consuming practice even online as questions asked are not understandable for many, not everyone though.

It is requested again that to register on to NADRA or PM poertal should be nade easy by making optional to submit both the documents either the Passport (for those who are not DUAL nationals) or the NICOP card for dual nationals.


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