Naan, roti prices jacked up in Islamabad


Prices of naan and roti have been jacked up in Islamabad, citing an increase in the flour rates.

As per details, the prices of naan, and roti of different types have been increased by Rs2 to 10. The tandoori roti price has been fixed at Rs20 against the earlier of Rs18.

With the increase of Rs5, the tandoori naan’s new price has been fixed at Rs25 in the federal capital, while tandoori kulcha is to be sold at Rs30 against the earlier price of Rs25.

The rate list further stated that the price of roghani naan has been increased by Rs10 and its new price will be Rs50.

Meanwhile, the flour crisis has intensified in Sukkur, as the commodity is being sold at Rs140 per kg in the open market. According to details, the prices of flour have skyrocketed in Sukkur. The price of flour in the open market has reached Rs140 per kg. Meanwhile, a 10-kg bag of flour was being sold for Rs1,1300 in the local market, which was being sold at Rs900 few days earlier. Masses are finding it hard and facing difficulties in buying flour as their purchasing power is already affected by the record-inflation.