Mustafa Kamal rejects amendment in Sindh local government act law



Pak Sarzamin Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal reiterated on Tuesday that PPP’s bill on local government was against the constitution and law.

Addressing a press conference, he said that PPP was doing worst corruption in Sindh and had only won seats in assemblies through corruption money.“The 13-year performance of the PPP is that if children are bitten by dogs in Sindh, it does not have a vaccine,” he said, adding that “if a child is bitten by a dog in Larkana, he has to be brought to Karachi for treatment.”He said that there are more than 11,000 ghost schools in Sindh while children in Thar are dying due to lack of water and food.

Kamal underscored that people in Karachi are forced to drink water from same sources as animals and alleged that government officials are hired through bribes and are later doing work to recover the money.“PPP has made a master plan department for the subsidiary of Sindh Building Control Authority and are approving unplanned developments across the city,” he added.

“All powers and resources are in the hands of the chief minister,” he said.He said that Pak Sarzamin Party rejects PPP’s black law and will take every possible step against the present and the 2013 Act.“If this law is enforced then we don’t need to do politics,” he commented.

He said that the British in the occupied subcontinent and India in occupied Kashmir are doing the same as the people of the city are not getting drinking water, roads, treatment, jobs.

He said that the PPP is conspiring against the country for its arbitrary recruitment and embezzlement. The state must stop PPP.“It is a matter of national security, not of the PPP administration,” he commented, adding that “The PPP’s action will strengthen the anti-national elements.”

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