Must try to engage with Taliban regime, says Johnson


Amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Af-ghanistan, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Britain must engage with the current Taliban government to tackle the existing crisis in the country.

PM Johnson made the re-marks in response to a ques-tion UK lawmaker in the par-liament, an Afghan news agency reported.

Stating that Afghanistan looks like ‘’hell on earth’’, Labor Party member Sarah Cham-pion asked PM Johnson “how and when” will aid that has been pledged by the UK be provided to the people of Af-ghanistan.

PM Johnson explained that the UK had no other choice but to engage with the current Afghan government to assist the overcoming of crisis in the troubled nation.

“There is no point in the UK just standing on the sidelines and failing to engage with the Taliban,” he said.

“They may not speak for all Afghans, far from it, but they are some kind of authority – even if a very imperfect au-thority. The UK must try to engage, for the sake of the people that you’re talking about,” PM Johnson said.

The “Islamic Emirate” wel-comed Britain Prime Minister’s statement, the report said.
“We welcome the remarks of the British Prime Minister. The official engagement will defi-nitely make Afghanistan’s relations better with the world.

The gates of understanding and negotiations are opened by the Islamic Emirate. If there is any challenge, it can be solved via this path,” said Inamullah Samangani, deputy spokesperson for the “Islamic Emirate” of Afghanistan.

This comes as experts in the region believe that the world’s engagement with Afghanistan will help overcome the exist-ing crisis in the country. —Agencies

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