Musharraf pushes APML to support Pakistani politics, Armed Forces


All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) central leader General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf pushed party forward to support Pakistani Politics and Pakistan Armed Forces. Leadership of All Pakistan Muslim League in a statement issued to Tashhakkur and others, vowed to support the State of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Armed forces for a ‘Better Pakistan’.

The leadership has resumed conversations and will soon be announcing Intra-Party elections under the supervision of Siddiq Mirza, Central President, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) said; anti-state elements will not be tolerated and not a single word against the state of Pakistan will be acceptable.

Colonel (R) Shahid Qureshi, General Secretary Sindh, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) said; we are proud to be a part of Pakistan Army and our leader and founder of APML Syed Pervez Musharraf and we have given a lot of sacrifices for our beloved institution i.e. Pakistan Armed Forces”. General Secretary further added by saying; “We are loyal to our country Pakistan and also towards the nation of Pakistan. We will not tolerate words and statements against Pakistan Armed Forces. It hurts us and our honour”.

Leadership of APML said; we are standing on a vision and play book of our leader & founder Retd Syed General Pervez Musharraf and we feel sad to see national representatives in the assemblies.

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