Musarat directed to highlight Punjab’s govt performance in media



During the meeting, Imran Khan emphasized the need to highlight the performance of the Punjab government in the media and said that the speed with which the Punjab government has adopted public welfare projects and poor-friendly policies is commendable. The Punjab government’s initiatives have widened the scope of facilities for the common man, especially the launch of insaf and the health cards have revolutionized the lives of citizens, he added.

Musarat Cheema, who is also in charge of the public relations department, said that effective steps are being taken to transform DGPR department into a state-of-the-art institution as per the modern requirements; and for this purpose, teams of expert public relations officers, equipped with gadgets and modern communication facilities, are burning the midnight oil for building the image of the Punjab government. She added that planning is being done for the expansion and modernisation of the DGPR department. Along with this, the public relations department is also playing an effective role in solving the problems of journalists and the media industry, she added. She stated that regional and district offices of the DGPR department are being upgraded for timely delivery and proper coverage of official performance more efficiently. Genuine steps are being taken to improve the quality of life of the masses, instead of hoodwinking people with exhibitory projects of the PML-N, she maintained. Contrary to the chronic political jugglery of the N-League, actions are taken and projects are being completed on a priority that brings amenities to the doorstep of the people, she said.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister and Punjab Government spokesperson Musarat Jamshed Cheema, while talking to the media outside Zaman Park along with PTI Central Information Secretary Farrukh Habib, said that 22 crore people of Pakistan have written their decision on the wall. Real freedom has become inevitable in this country; she emphasised and regretted that there Pakistan is embroiled in the quagmire of misrule and sham democracy.


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