Murree Police committed to facilitate tourists: CPO


City Police Officer (CPO) Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari on Thursday lauded the effective efforts of Murree Tourism Police and said it was committed to provide security and facilities to tourists.

In a statement issued by the Police spokesperson, CPO Rawalpindi said that the Murree Tourism Police initially had 150 police officers and personnel, a special tourist van, three specially prepared vehicles, 25 motorcycles, and a horse riding squad. He said that specially prepared vehicles and motorcycles were provided to Murree Tourism Police while special tourism vans were also in pipeline to be provided soon.

“Murree Tourism Police is committed 24/7 for the protection and convenience of tourists,” he said. Tourists visiting Murree can contact Murree Tourism Police field officers or call helpline 15 and 1757 in case of any emergency or problem, he added.

CPO said the Pindi Police was always committed to make tourists’ journey safe, convenient and pleasant.