Murad unveils PPP candidates for Karachi, Hyderabad mayors


Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Thursday unveiled the names of the Pakistan People’s Party candidates of mayors for Karachi and Hyderabad.

Emphasising the democratic values of the Pakistan People’s Party, the Chief Minister nominated Kashif Shoro as the mayor of Hyderabad, while Murtaza Wahab will be the PPP candidate for the mayor of Karachi.

Additionally, the names of chairman candidates for the 25 towns in Karachi were also finalized during the announcement.

Addressing the media, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah highlighted the party’s commitment to safeguarding individual rights. He urged those involved in the riots that occurred on May 9 to voluntarily surrender themselves to the authorities, warning that failure to do so would result in their arrest by the government.

Shah specifically addressed the elected representatives of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, reminding them that they should not assume immunity in cases involving the torching of buses.

Murad Ali Shah has expressed his concerns, urging the federal government to ensure the accuracy of the census conducted in the province, particularly in Karachi.

The Sindh CM stated that the provincial government has had reservations about the census since its inception. He emphasized that the 2017 census data for Sindh was incorrect and that the growth rate was inaccurately represented.

“We will not accept the results of the census until our population is counted accurately,” he firmly stated.

Highlighting the importance of fairness in the census process, he clarified that they were not seeking any favors but rather demanding their rights from the federal government.

Expressing disappointment, he questioned why the census was set to conclude on May 15 everywhere except Punjab. He further emphasized that if the census were to be halted, it should be halted across Pakistan, rather than singling out Sindh.

The chief minister revealed that he had discussed the issue with Minister for Planning & Development Ahsan Iqbal but he did not listen. He also, on the other hand, raised the matter in the Council of Common Interests.

He criticized what’s the need for volunteers to conduct a door-to-door census when population counting through satellite technology is possible. He reiterated that Sindh would not be satisfied unless its population is accurately accounted for.

Murad Ali Shah demanded that the federal government undertake an accurate population count for Sindh, including Karachi.