Multi speakers’ seminar on women entrepreneurship held 


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia Karachi lead by Mrs. Ani Kunkoro , Indonesian  Women Association and  in collaboration with the Women Entrepreneurs Committee of FPCCI Sindh Region 2021,lead by convenor Mrs. Nazli Abid Nisar, organized a multi-speakers seminar on women entrepreneurship.

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the possibilities of collaboration and create a bridge between women entrepreneurs of Pakistan and Indonesia.

Seminar has a sub theme of speaking session on Building Entrepreneurship mindset in women keynote by Mrs. Nazli Abid Nisar Former VP , FPCCI.

Other speakers includes Ani Kunkoro,  Dr. June Kunkoro Consul General Indonesia and Mrs. Suriani Wong Master Artist. Mrs. Nazli Abid Nisar gave a thorough keynote presentation on building women entrepreneurship mindset , and listed down the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. In Pakistan & Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic hurts poor women the most.

Through the right women entrepreneurship mindset will make our women empowered.She also  said that by utilizing this platform we will be exploring various ways to collaborate between Pakistani and Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs.

Before 2019, Pakistan and Indonesia had PTA (Preferred Trade Agreement) but after 2019 now we are in FTA (Free Trade Agreement ) and present the latest trading stats between both countries as well.

Nazli also briefed that Pakistani women have various platforms for example FPCCI, WCCI, Women Entrepreneurs Committee ,SMEDA , State Bank of Pakistan launched microfinance loans.

Being a former VP, Advocate of Women Entrepreneurs Mrs. Nazli briefed various ways to help each other to grow.


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