Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui received ‘ambassador of peace award’


New York

Christina Ordonez Bosco, Adviser and Philippines delegation representative, joined Interfaith Minister and peace activist, Mrs. Sharon Hamilton-Getz, at the Peace Ceremony organized by World Harmony Council – USA and Universal Peace Federation, on February 25th, 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters, this prestigious appointment and award on his great humanitarian services and Peace efforts as a Imam / Great Religious Scorlar ,Humanrights defender in Pakistan and around the world. Honor and recognize the outstanding contribution; Ambassador of Global Peace, Human Rights and Interfaith Harmony; Imam Allama Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui Chairman, Interfaith Commission for Peace & Harmony (ICPH) and URI- Karachi, Pakistan has made in service to humanity, inclusive of religions, cultures in Pakistan and the world.
These efforts work holistically connecting all and one another, as a model to enable them to more effectively relieve global suffering, build resiliency and prevent conflict or its reoccurrence by connecting the world, spread the values of moderation & promote peace, cooperation and harmony among followers of cultures, religions and humanitarian, promoting a culture of peace, through unconditional love, harmony with real values. Ambassador of Global Peace Allama Ahsan Siddiqui said I am so so grateful to Almighty Allah for all the countless blessings and choosing me to serve humanity. I dedicate this award to my country Pakistan. Although I feel that my contributions are just minor efforts to bring peace and harmony in this world.—PR