Mufti Noman praises step for uniform curriculum



Administrator JamiaBinoria International University Mufti Noman Naeem while praising the Prime Ministers launch of Single National Curriculum (SNC) in the country said that development in the education system is a guarantee of a bright future for the country.

Mufti Noman said that the introduction of SNC was a commendable initiative of the government and it should be implemented it in letter and spirit, said a spokesperson of the JamiaBinoria on Tuesday

Mufti Noman Naeem said that different types of curriculum cause mental disparities among students and it also promotes class-based divisions.

Mufti Noman Naeem also called for improving public sector school to achieve the goal of SNC and said the standard of public sector schools should also be improved as it will also help to reap the fruits of SNC.


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