MTI Act to be game-changer: Dr Yasmin


City Reporter

Provincial Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid delivering a lecture to senior officers at the NIPA said the MTI Act to be proved a game changer.
She informed the senior officers regarding targets set by the government in the health sector, its challenges and their solutions. She said the government had allocated the maximum budget in the health sector, adding that measures would have to be taken on an emergent basis for improving the situation.
“We will have to achieve sustainable development targets at every cost. Public sector hospitals are being upgraded first time in Punjab,” she said.
Yasmin Rashid maintained that from December school health and nutrition programme was being launched.
An effective campaign would be run in public schools to create an awareness regarding growth of children, she added. She said the government was providing all-out medical facilities to the Thalassemia-affected children in the public sector hospitals in the province.
She said that measures were being taken for coping with epidemic diseases. Instructions had been issued to the Punjab Healthcare Commission for ensuring the success of patient safety programme.
She said there was a shortage of doctors in public sector hospitals which was being overcome. Targets of Punjab health sector strategy 2019-2018 would be achieved, she added.
Dr Yasmin said that Sehat Insaf Cards were being distributed among the destitute in the province, adding that number of beds had also been increased in public sector hospitals.

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