Mrs Riffat to be first Nursing Superintendent of PINS


Mrs. Riffat Zahid has been chosen for the post first Nursing Superintendent of Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences (PINS). She joined nursing profession in 1984 and remained posted in different hospitals during last 35 years. She also remained posted in districts and has vast experience of administration as well.
While talking in this regard, Riffat Zahid pledged that posting as Nursing Superintendent in PINS is not less than any honor for her and she would try her level best to follow footprints of Executive Director of PINS Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood to make this institution more and more better.
Riffat Zahid said that personally she is against “sifarishi culture” and she would ensure policy of merit for all. She said that her doors will be open for each staff nurse and all due problems will be solved on auto basis. It is mentionable that PINS is one of its own kind and known as best medical institution for Neoru diseases.
Recently autonomous status has been given to PINS and staff has been at the disposal as well. Posting of Mrs. Riffat Zahid as first Nursing Superintendent of Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences is one of the same series.—INP

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