MQM’s Sohail resigns from Rabita Committee


Former Muttahida Qaumi Movement Member National Assemby Khawaja Sohail Mansoor on Saturday tendered his resignation from the party’s Rabita Committee.

Khawaja Sohail, who remained member of the National Assembly from Karachi on the ticket of Muttahida Qaumi Movement in general elections of 2008 and 2013, has sent his resignation letter to Convener Rabita Committee Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui.

Talking to media, Sohail Mansoor said that he has differences with the party over some of its policies. “We are coalition partners of the federal government but getting no relief for the people,” he said.

“In this situation I could not remain the member of the party’s coordination committee,” Sohail further said. “We have to go to the people, what answer we will give their questions,” he asked.

“What we have received from the federal government and the province within last four years,” he questioned. “We couldn’t resolve Karachi’s problems despite being allies to the federal government,” he added.

“Karachi’s sense of deprivation is further deepening, I have no right to sit on the chair of the Rabita Committee,” he added. Talking to the media outside the Election Commission of Pakistan in Karachi, he said that he was upset due to some wrong policies of the party. “I am not leaving the party and I am not joining the PPP,” he said and added I am happy that PPP gave ticket to Nisar Khuhro.

“I have personal relationship with Nisar Khuhro, therefore I decided not to submit my papers,” he added. Khawaja Sohail said that if Muttahida has not decided to field any candidate then there should be no disagreement, adding that he will not submit papers against his friend Nisar Khuhro.

“This seat belongs to the PPP and the PPP should get it.”

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