MQM sitting with those who robbed their seats: CM Murad



Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has said that a `rejected’ party was accusing him of ignoring Karachi in development schemes, as a matter of fact, Rs479 billion development schemes have been launched in the city and through ADP 1,072 schemes are in progress for Rs991.79 billion with an allocation of Rs109.36 billion.

“They [MQM] feel insecure after witnessing the on-going fast track development in the city and understand very well that they would be completely eliminated at the hands of PPP in the next general elections.”

This he said while talking to media just after inauguration of newly constructed Road from Saudabad Chowrangi to Thado Nallah- Soomar Kandani Village, including RCC Bridge at Khokhrapar- Malir under Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project.

Shah said that instead of opposing the PTI who had robbed their assembly seats in the last general election, the MQM joined them as coalition partner in the Center and now under frustration they have started levelling baseless allegations against the Sindh government.

“You were rejected in the last election and again you would be eliminated further in the next election because we serve people of this city with heart and soul,” he said.

Criticizing the federal government, Murad Ali shah said that they have given a Rs25 billion road scheme to the Punjab government.

“We are happy they [fed govt] should give them more schemes but at least federal government should give us a scheme of worth Rs4 billion,” he lamented.

The federal government has given small schemes to their MPAs in Karachi. “It gets us alerted when all of a sudden development works start in a park or at a playground we believing that the landgrabbers have started grabbing it– for which they are known in the city- then we learn that the uplift work has been started y PTI MPA(s) from the federal funds,” he said and in the federal PSDP schemes of installing a check valve in water supply in Karachi have been reflected.

Referring to the budget session, the chief minister said that he has been delivering budget speech from last 12 years and no matter this year he couldn’t speak.

“But you [leader of the opposition in Sindh assembly] should find out who had hatched conspiracy to deprive you of your maiden speech [as opposition leader],” he questioned.

Shah said that this was the first time they [PTI] have come into politics, therefore they didn’t know the ethics of politics.

“When they see a mic they start using foul language their political opponents – this is their politics,” he said.

The chief minister urged other provinces to announce Rs25,000 minimum wage because their workers were unable to meet square meals of their families.

“Some industrialists told me that they would not compete with other provinces at Rs25,000 wage because it would increase the production cost,” he disclosed and replied them he could not leave a worker or his family dying in hunger. “We have to give them reasonable wages if we want to earn money,” he said.


Talking about the project, the CM said that after the inaugurating of a high profile scheme of public benefit in Saddar on  Aug 14, 2020, and then inaugurated the infrastructure project at Fishermen Chowrangi in Korangi, and now (on Saturday) he has inaugurated yet another high profile project of great public benefits.

“A connection between the highly urbanized region and the suburban areas was a consideration to help vulnerable masses to access the urban facilities with a better level of service,” the CM said and added the Saudabad project was part of the three projects undertaken as quick-fix initiatives by his government under Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Project.

He thanked the the World Bank team for their continuous supported for the successful outcome despite the huge impact of COVID 19 and floods during the execution of these projects.

He said that he has inaugurate the infrastructure project from Saudabad Chowrangi to Soomar Kandani Village.

“I am certain, that this project will enhance the communication between urban areas and the villages away from the urban localities and will help people to use the amenities located at a far distance from their living.”


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