MQM-P announces to celebrate Muhajir Culture Day


Staff Reporter

MQM-PakistanConvener Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, while addressing the gathering here on Sunday, saidevery year on the third Sunday of February, Muhajir Culture Day will be celebrated.
All the participants in the venue raised their hands in support of Siddiqui’s announcement. “I am grateful to all those who came here for today’s program.
We are all Muslims connected to the history of the subcontinent.” There is nothing more to be proud of than the history, tradition, culture, civilization and political scene of our ancestors. The event was organized by MQM-P in the park adjacent to Bahadurabad Center.
DrMaqbool said, “Our forefathers had to give up their regional languages for the sake of the land of Pakistan. Identities are not a burden. They left their identities and crossed the border for the sake of Islam and the land of Pakistan for the sake of peace. No, they are real, and identity is what determines human rights He said that identity is the destiny of human beings.”
He said that today we have asserted our identity. Today no one can ask us what is the nationality of immigrants.
The movement which started from Karachi University has asserted its identity. We believe that our identity should not be in a reaction because the culture we represent includes cultures from east to west, from north to south, but we have to be very careful that we promote our culture.
DrMaqboolsaid that MQM will stagea peace walk on December 24. MQM Coordinating Committee members Kishore Zahra, Muhammad Hussain, Abdul QadirKhanzada, Shakeel Ahmed, ZahidMansoori and COC in-charge FurqanAtib were present on the occasion.