MPAs demand resignation of Deputy Speaker Dost Mazari


Members of Punjab Assembly Muhammad Rizwan and Shujahat Nawaz has demanded resignation of Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Mazari for holding rigged election of Punjab Chief Minister.

In this regard, the MPAs have sent a legal notice to the Deputy Speaker through Muhammad Azhar Siddique, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The legal notice states that on April 16, Deputy Speaker Sardar Dost Mazari sabotaged the Constitution of Pakistan during the Punjab Chief Minister’s election and violated the Punjab Assembly Privileges Act 1972 and Rules of Procedure of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab by aiding and abetting the defection of the members of the Provincial Assembly and for your active connivance in allowing more than 200 PML-N personnel/supporters into the assembly floor who wreaked havoc, who violated the sanctity of the House and attacked the honorable members, those attackers called from outside through the Deputy Speaker inflicted the worst torture on female MPA Asiya Amjad, who is on a ventilator in CMH Rawalpindi.

These thugs kept chanting slogans to make other members of the assembly a warning sign.

The legal notice also said that the Deputy Speaker had flagrantly violated Article(s) 4, 5 and 63-A, of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the day of election.

In addition, the Deputy Speaker supported the PML-N candidate and illegally blocked the lobby for the other candidate through police and goons and deprived them of the right to vote, which is clear violation of the orders of the Lahore High Court.

With all these unconstitutional and illegal steps of the Deputy Speaker, the election of the Chief Minister has been rigged.

Therefore, the Deputy Speaker should tender his resignation, effective immediately, or else we will be left with no other option than to knock on the doors of the court of competent jurisdiction for relief.

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