MPA Haji Ali rejects suicides caused by poverty

Khuda Bux Brohi

MPA Haji Ali Hassan Zardari has said that he was shocked to hear of the suicides in his constituency but the issue of committing suicide by three women was originally caused by a domestic issue, not of poverty, therefore turning the event into poverty was baseless and a conspiracy of some social media activists. He was addressing a Eid Milan party organised by him at Zamin house here the other day.

MPA Haji Ali Hassan Zardari said he don’t believes in baseless propaganda because he said he is the man always only believed in mass serving. Haji said approximately 1000 km roads of his constituency have bee constructed and schools, hospitals colleges and several public relief projects have been launched and completed by his efforts. Besides he said several water courses and distributors have been cemented also . To a question he, replied that 200 millions rupees have been earmarked to provide sufficient water to Thatta by another water line and the work of Ochto Dem and coastal highway will be started as soon as possible he added.