MPA challenges to hold bigger rally than 11-party opposition in Gujranwala


Staff Reporter


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Member Provincial Assembly Azizullah Gran Sunday openly challenged to hold a big rally in Gujranwala and his party (PTI) has already buried the politics of these people in the last general elections. This he said in a statement issued here. He said, we have the ability to get out of the political arena. He said, Alibaba and 40 thieves would not be allowed to loot the country any more rather the looting of the national treasury would be made accountable. Announcing his participation, he expressed full confidence in the leadership of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. Azizullah Gran Khan said that 11 political parties of the country held the meeting in Gujranwala.
“By the grace of Almighty Allah, I can hold bigger than this public meeting in the constituency of PK-4 and this is an open challenge to my opposition parties. He said that despite the worst defeat of these people in the general election, they were challenging PTI which was the largest single party that came to vote in the general election. He said that while rejecting the statement of the opposition with the vision, the agenda of the opposition was not based on public interests but on personal interests. The political power show of 11 parties has been a flop show, he said.
The participation of people in the PTI shows are satisfied with the performance of the present government, he informed. He said that the present government cherishes the public interest and the Prime Minister has made it clear that no compromise would be made on the national and public interest. He said that Gujranwala rally, participated by 11 political parties had gathered people from all over the country but it was still a flop show.

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