Mourinho says Liverpool injuries exaggerated



“Give me Liverpool list of injuries and compare that list of injuries with what is the best Liverpool team, and then I can give you a list of 10 injuries at Tottenham, we have two kids of the under-16s with injuries, we have two other in the under-21 and we have three then the under-20 three, we have (Eric) Lamela and (Japhet) Tanganga and you have a list of 10 players.”
“We are a good team that works hard but I would say Liverpool is the result of if I’m not wrong 1894 days of work with Juergen, 1894 if I’m wrong I’m wrong for a few days, and we are the result of a work of 390 days, but this 390 days are fake, because probably no, lots of these days would not even days of work, were days of quarantine, were days being at home unable to to work.
“So from almost 2000 to 300, for us to be able to compete at the level we are doing I can only give credit to the players and be very very happy with what they are doing.”
“But will we go there to try to win the match, is the way we think this season, and it’s not about being top of the league or no, it is nothing, is just about we go there and we want to try to win.”—AP