Motorways closed due to dense fog


Staff Reporter

Four motorways in Punjab have been closed for traffic after dense fog blanketed major cities on Tuesday.
The motorway shut down include: The M2 Motorway from Sheikhupura to Pindi Bhattian
The M3 Motorway from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem. The M4 Motorway from Pindi Bhattian to Shamkot
The M5 Motorway from Multan to Jhangra. Punjab Motorway Police spokesperson Syed Imran Ahmed said that visibility has reduced to zero on the national highway as well. He advised people to avoid traveling. “If traveling is very necessary, use fog lights, maintain a distance with other vehicles ahead and avoid speeding.”
The Met Office has forecast heavy fog till next week in Lahore, Kartarpur, Ahmedabad, Zafarwal and Narowal.

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