Motorway Police to launch a new campaign called ‘#NoMore’


On the direction of Inspector General Khalid Mahmood, National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) will be launching a new campaign called ‘#NoMore’ which will inform the public about new initiatives and tools being deployed to ensure commuter safety and enforcement of the law.

A pilot project using technological innovations and an enforcement regime with zero tolerance has been launched on select motorways. These initiatives aim to plug the technological gap in the existing infrastructure and desired infrastructure, said a press release.

Over speeding motorists will face heavy fines and patrol cars have been instructed to chase and apprehend violators if needed. Violations in lane discipline will be rigorously monitored, and fined.

Violators will be identified by using intelligently deployed spotters, next-generation speed cameras, and drone cameras.

All Motorway Police field officers are also equipped with body-worn cameras that transmit live footage to a state-of-the-art command center, ensuring transparency and confidence.

Additionally, variable messaging signboards are also being installed to warn and guide violators to stop and be ticketed.

Toll plazas will also be manned by NHMP officers, allowing commuters to pay their fines at the exit from the motorway.

Evading the fine will no longer be a possibility; NHMP will pursue legal actions against habitual offenders. NHMP shall continue to serve commuters with a renewed resolve.