Motive behind Lahore blast


TERRORISM unfortunately is once again rearing its ugly head in the country. Our enemy does not want peace and stability prevailing in the country.

Especially whenever any important event is likely to take place, a terrorist act is carried out to dent the country’s image.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid, in an interview on Friday, said that the recent Lahore blast was aimed at disrupting the seventh edition of PSL and Australia tour.

Indeed the timing of the blast is very important as the PSL is about to commence in a matter of a few days in which many international players will also be participating whilst Australian cricket team is scheduled to visit Pakistan in March-April this year after a gap of twenty four years.

Hence, Sheikh Rashid has raised a very valid point and he certainly will have also some intelligence reports in this regard.

There is no reason to doubt his statement as we have seen as to how New Zealand team cancelled his Pakistan tour moments before the start of the series and then the former international cricketers also came up with complaints that they are being threatened by India for being part of Kashmir Premier League (KPL).

Modi government can go to any extent to damage the interests of Pakistan and malign it at the international level.

Whilst we can say with surety that our security forces have the capability to foil the nefarious designs of the enemy, our Cricket Board must stay in touch with Australian Cricket Board to allay their concerns regarding the security of their team members.

As the Australian cricketers being State Guest will be getting top-notch security cover during the series, hence, they should not have any issue visiting Pakistan.

The way Pakistan has peacefully hosted and organized cricket series in the recent past is also before them.

This cricket frenzy nation is ready to welcome more and more cricketing nations to come and play on its grounds.

At the same time, those behind Lahore blast must be nabbed and given exemplary punishment.


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