Most unvaccinated Americans won’t take Covid jabs


Most Americans who haven’t been vaccinated against Covid-19 said that they are unlikely to get the shots and doubt vaccines would work against the aggressive Delta variant despite evidence they do, according to a new poll quoted by Associated Press in a report.

Among American adults who have not yet received a vaccine, 35% said that they probably will not, and 45% said they definitely will not, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research. “Just 3% said they definitely will get the shots, though another 16% said they probably will.”

The report stated that 64% of unvaccinated Americans have little to no confidence the Covid shots are effective against variants — including the Delta variant that officials said is responsible for 83% of new cases in the United States — despite evidence that they offer strong protection.

In contrast, the report added, 86% of those who have already been vaccinated have at least some confidence that the vaccines will work.

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