Most deals from China’s first import expo settled



Most deals from the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) held in Shanghai have been settled, said the CIIE Organizing Committee at a Friday briefing on the 100-day countdown for the second CIIE.
The organizer said during the first CIIE, deals worth 57.83 billion U.S. dollars were inked, with many exhibits subsequently entering the Chinese market.
“For example, products that went viral online and shown on TV last year, large gantry milling machine ‘Taurus’ and coin-size heart pacemaker have all entered the Chinese market, which shows that agreements are implemented effectively,” said Ren Hongbin, China’s Assistant Commerce Minister and deputy head of the CIIE Organizing Committee Office.
Ren added U.S. companies are more active this year and their booth areas are 35 percent larger than last year.
The ongoing trade friction did not deter American companies’ enthusiasm in the Chinese market.
“We can see the Chinese market is a huge attraction to domestic and overseas companies including the U.S. ones. To the United States, frictions between both sides cannot deter the emphasis and enthusiasm that U.S. enterprises put on the Chinese market,” Ren said. —CCTV-PLUS