Mosques under attack in India


WITH each passing day, India is becoming unliveable for the millions of Muslims. After imposing ban on the eating of beef and passing controversial and discriminatory laws, the zealot Hindus are now bent upon grabbing mosques from the Muslims under different pretexts.

It is really unfortunate that the Indian judiciary is also toeing the Hindutva ideology of BJP government.

An Indian court on Monday agreed to hear a petition by a group of Hindu women for the right to worship in Gyanvapi mosque located in Varanasi city they believe was the site of a Hindu temple, rejecting a Muslim plea to throw out the petition.

Another court in Uttar Pradesh has also admitted a petition filed by right wing Hindu organizations, claiming an existing Jamia Masjid Shamsi in Badaun city was built after demolishing a Hindu temple.

The same Babri Mosque episode is being repeated in both the cases. The demolition of the Babri Mosque by a Hindu mob in 1992 sparked religious riots in which more than 2,000 people died, most of them Muslims.

These cases really reflect that the Hindu nationalists want to turn India into an ethnic Hindu nation, where there is no place for the follower of any other religion.

India is playing with the fire and any effort of turning mosques into Hindu temples will draw a serious backlash from the Muslims.

Regardless of all the discriminatory actions against them, the Indian Muslims have remained very peaceful but when it comes to attacks on their religious places or anything that places restrictions on the performance of their religious rituals, they will not sit silent and react strongly.

Muslims are a reality in India and this is something that the Indian government and institutions will have to accept and protect their fundamental human rights.

It is also for the international community, especially the Muslim world to stop turning a back to the plight of Indian Muslims and come forward in their support and solidarity.

Already many international experts are warning of genocide of Muslims in India. The international community will have to act before it is too late.


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