More minors than adults jailed for street crimes: Report


After some 59 minors were jailed on street crime charges in the past two months alone surpassing adult numbers, the prison authorities have Friday suggested surging juvenile delinquency is due to ‘meeting expenses’.

The prison report said the past two months saw about 50 juveniles, alleged in street crimes, get bails while only in the current month some 16 new entrants have made new inmates for the same charges.

The minors recently arrested on these charges are aged 14- to 18 years, according to the prison authority, which added that these minors only engage in street crimes and snatching to cater to their daily expenses and get mobile phones for them.

Separately to happen today, the deputy commissioner for District South Irshad Ali Sodhar issued notification for a crackdown against illegal charged-parking mafia across Saddar with the first case already booked in Preedy Police Station against one self-proclaimed contractor.

On the directives of DC South Sodhar, the first case was lodged against parking mafia contractor Aziz ur Rehman for swindling people in the name of authorized charged parking.

The DMC South authority has nominated alleged illegal parking contractor Rehman on sections 420, 348, 385, 341, 506, and 34 of the criminal procedure code CrPC.


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