MoPH: 25,000 addicted people treated in past year



The Ministry of Public Health said that in the past year, 25,000 drug-addicted people have been treated.

A spokesman for this ministry said that those who received treatment returned to their homes afterward.

“The Ministry of Public Health is committed to building a complex for addicted people and they will be treated in there,” said Sharafat Zaman Amarkhail, a spokesman of the Ministry of Public Health.

Farhad is a drug-addicted person and he is under treatment at Ibne Sina hospital. He said that his friends got him addicted to drugs.

“My bad friends caused me to be in this bad situation now,” said Farhad, a drug user.

Currently, nearly one thousand addicted people are under treatment at Ibne Sina hospital in Kabul.

“When I was in Iran and thinking about my problems I was lonely so in that situation I became addicted to drugs,” said Momen, a drug user.

“My brother, I am fine and healthy and I decided to not use drugs again,” said Khan Aqa, a drug user.

Officials of the Kabul security department, in visiting the thousand-bed hospital, said that they will cooperate with other organizations to collect addicted people.

“We have 555 prisoners that sell and smuggle drugs… soon this bad phenomenon will disappear,” said Mawlwe Abdullah, director of counter-narcotics.

Several citizens of the country called on the Islamic Emirate to supervise addicted people after treatment so they do not return to drugs.—Tolonews

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