Monkeypox threat: CAA begins screening at Karachi airport



The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has begun screening passengers at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi after two cases of Monkeypox were reported. According to the CAA sources, the airport staff started conducting complete medical examinations of all passengers arriving from foreign countries. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority declared it mandatory for the airport staff – including porters – to use masks and gloves. Moreover, the airport staff is restricted to give any protocol to the passenger despite rank or grade, all international passengers will undergo a complete medical examination, while suspected passengers will be immediately isolated and sent to the hospital.

It is pertinent to mention here that, as many as two cases of Monkeypox were reported in Pakistan for the first time which was also confirmed by the health department on Tuesday. Meanwhile in the the wake of the possible spread of Monkeypox, health authority has advised the residents to remain vigilant and adopt precautionary measures. “The infectious period for monkeypox begins with the onset of symptoms and can last for up to 4 weeks,” he added.

Dr Waqar said that Monkeypox was primarily spread through close contact with infected animals, such as handling or consuming meat from infected animals, or through close contact with infected people, such as through respiratory droplets or contact with infected bodily fluids or skin lesions.  The rate of transmission can vary depending on several factors, such as the level of exposure, the severity of the disease, and the effectiveness of infection control measures. He further informed that the risk of transmission was higher in settings where there was close and prolonged contact with infected individuals, such as households or healthcare settings.