Moneeza launches her book in Quetta


Moneeza Hashmi, daughter of the renowned poet late Faiz Ahmed Faiz, launched her book here on Friday at Orange Hall of Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Man-agement Sciences.

The book titled “Conversation with my father” au-thored by Moneeza Hashmi contains conversations and letters of Faiz Ahmed Faiz addressed to her daughter. The book launching event was attended by Vice Chancellor BUITEMS Ahmed Farooq Ba-zai (Sitara e Imtiaz), Chief Consultant of Balochis-tan Think Tank Network (BTTN) Brig Agha Ahmad Gul (R), and members of the departments for litera-ture of different universities and organizations of Balochistan as well as poets, artists and students.

While addressing the gathering Balochistan’s fa-mous screen writer and poet Mohsin Shakeel said that Faiz was not only a poet of beauty and love but also significantly highlighted the political and social issues of the country in his poetry. His poetry is unique in a sense that it is still relevant today be-cause of the depiction of collective societal issues and his projection of a sense of ‘rising above indi-viduality’. Afzal Murad, who is a Brahui and Balochi poet and has translated Faiz’s poetry in Brahui, also ex-pressed his views on Faiz and relevance of his po-etic vision for current times. Former Senator Roshan Khursheed Barucha on the occasion said that it was a book about the bond of love that a daughter shared with her father.

With reference to Faiz’s philosophy and the book written by his daughter, Mrs. Baruch said that the book had mentioned women empowerment in more than one way hence it was now about time that women of the 21st Century got vocal for their rights and took control of their lives as Faiz had always encouraged people to speak about the injustices. —APP


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