Monday blues | By Rozina Asif


Monday blues

MONDAY morning, when you are not ready to absorb and feel the new day freshness but are stressed and do not feel like going to the office, and such moods are taking a toll on you and are in the reoccurring pattern means you need to look for reasons and solutions.

Going to the office, spending the busy time of your day, working hard to meet the targets, and still do not feel like going that too on the very first day of the week calls for more deep reflection about your passion and job.

If there is a mismatch, that could be one of the reasons for such an intense mood on Monday morning.

Most of the time, to make our weakened more happening and engaged, we over planned and instead of feeling relaxed, we get tired and carry the same tiredness on Monday.

At times our unfinished work on weekdays keeps us mentally under strain.We need to work on over-thinking pattern of our mind to support planning for next week over the weekend, and as a result, our brain and bodywork, like a machine with no rest, may get frustrated and collapse.

It is easy to find the solution to work on the problems and improve your overall behaviour.The essential thing is to end your week with fulfilment by achieving set targets to make you feel like celebrating over the weekend.

If you cannot meet the targets, then look for reasons they may not be realistic, or you may not be that productive.

Plan next week on Friday and do not keep any planning for the weekend.Must be balanced your all days, do not keep all the things like meeting friends, grocery, movie time, reading a good book for the weekend only instead plan your me-time daily at any convenient time of a day.

Although an excellent self-care routine on the weekend makes you sense, relax, and charge you for the week ahead.

It is better to keep your Mondays less occupied with a deadline or challenging tasks, instead start with an easy task and gradually check your nerves to carry pressure towards the end of the day.

Work-life balance is an old phenomenon; train yourself on the new regulation of work-life integration.

There are some effortless changes in your routine outline that may add pleasure to your life and keep your mood preeminent on Mondays too.

Start your day with gratitude.For a more favourable result, it is advisable to write gratitude journal before going to bed on Sundays; you will wake up with the thought of being honoured and blessed and look forward to contributing.

Five minutes of yoga in the morning will also help you activate your happy hormones and keep your mood pleasant, listen to good music while going to your workplace and keep Monday as a fix and a must day for doing good thing for others around.

Wearing the best outfit from your wardrobe will make you feel special throughout the day, and compliments from people will add to your happiness to kick-off the day.

Above all, if you are a positive contributor towards building a healthy, friendly and productive work environment, you will always look forward to Mondays.

You would love to be among your colleagues to share good times to cherish, but also you will be keen to learn through sharing ideas and from others’ experience.

Remember always, developing a healthy working culture is a mutual obligation where everyone has a role to play to build and protect.

Monday Blues is every other person’s issue, but if you have identified your reasons and successfully overcome them, help others do the same.

Let your active part of the day be productive, too, and that can only be possible when you approach the week in a happy mood.

—The writer is an educationist based in Islamabad.


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