Moeed’s apt remarks



NATIONAL Security Advisor (NSA) Dr Moeed Yusuf said on Thursday that Afghanistan was being embarrassed by “idiotic statements” from its senior officials who were deliberately trying to spoil its bilateral relations with Pakistan.

In a series of tweets, the NSA said it was unfortunate for Afghans that senior officials — acting as spoilers — were trying to “vitiate bilateral relations” between Pakistan and Afghanistan through “vitriolic and delusional statements” to avert “attention from their own failures”.

The remarks of the Advisor reflect the ground realities as bilateral relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have hit rock bottom mainly due to the self-centred attitude of the rulers in Kabul, who are publicly churning out statements against Pakistan in an apparent effort to shift blame of their failures on Islamabad.

This is despite the fact that Pakistan not only has been hosting millions of Afghan refugees since long but left no stone unturned in its bid to promote a peaceful and negotiated settlement of the longstanding conflict.

It is regrettable that some elements in Kabul have willingly become a pawn in the hands of anti-Pakistan forces that have their own regional designs and agenda which runs against the ideal of restoration of durable peace in Afghanistan.

The conspiracies being hatched by these spoilers of peace are understandable but a helping hand being extended to them by rulers in Kabul is unfortunate as this amounts to wasting a window of opportunity for peace and security in Afghanistan just for the sake of lust for power and short-sighted goals.

Pakistan leadership stands tall as despite unending provocations from Kabul, they have not abandoned the search for peaceful settlement of the conflict as this is also deeply linked to peace, progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

Dr Moeed has rightly pointed out that Afghanistan was being embarrassed by idiotic statements by some senior Afghan officials as their allegations against Pakistan on different occasions proved hollow claims within days, exposing the real designs behind such propaganda tactics.

As the blame game vitiates the atmosphere for peace dialogue, the rulers in Kabul should review their approach and instead facilitate efforts aimed at an inclusive political settlement in Afghanistan.


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