Modi’s remarks ‘this is not an era of war’ betray his actions in Kashmir


Indian leaders’ dual face once again stand exposed after the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that “this is not an era of war”.

Narendra Modi in his meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, on Friday on the sidelines of a Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Uzbekistan said now is not a time for war, with food, fertiliser and fuel security among the major concerns of the world at present, media reports said. Modi, as per the reports, also said democracy, diplomacy and dialogue keep the world together.

Unfortunately, Narendra Modi’s assertions betray his actions in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir where India has waged a war against the innocent and unarmed Kashmiri people for demanding their UN-mandated right to self-determination.

Contrary to Modi’s remarks, New Delhi is also violating all democratic norms and values in IIOJK and not paying heed to the calls of the international community to resolve the Kashmir dispute through peaceful means of diplomacy and dialogue.—KMS


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