Modi trying to cover up Covid failures


In order to divert attention from the miserable failures in dealing with the COVID-19 disaster in the country, Narendra Modi government may opt for an adventure like a false flag operation against Pakistan.

The recent ceasefire violation along the Line of Control in Pakistan’s Charwa Sector opposite Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir’s Jammu Sector, in the wee hours on May 03 is a clear indicator of such an Indian design.

During the course of the day, the Indian media continuously propagated fake news of Pakistan’s ceasefire violation in Ramgarh sector of Samba district, which also seems to be an indication of India’s frustration for its incompetence in tackling the corona crisis and diverting the attention of Indian populace from the core issue and playing the Pakistan card once again.

Diverting Indians’ attention is not a new thing or tool for Narendra Modi’s party, as it befooled them through Pulwama incident in IIOJK in 2019 and subsequently claiming a so-called victory through a surgical strike inside Pakistan.

It has always been a norm in India that you put the blame of every ill happening in India on Pakistan.

India’s firebrand media anchor, Arnab Goswami’s WhatsApp chat also revealed the dirty nexus between the Narendra Modi government and the Indian media and once again the media is toeing what Narendra Modi wants them to do.

The current corona crisis seems more serious than other crises Modi has faced so far. Until now, his claims of so called victory over Pakistan through a ‘surgical strike’ or that withdrawing almost all currency notes in circulation in 2016 punished corrupt businessmen — could never be adequately tested against reality, especially because Modi skillfully constructed each time an alternative reality with the help of a lobby of loyal journalists and social media trolls.

Once again New Delhi seems to be putting the same ploy into effect of using its loyal journalists and social media trolls to divert the attention of its population from the gross negligence on part of the Modi government from India’s devastating second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Although the ceasefire understanding between Pakistan and India was widely appreciated as a good omen for regional peace however, since the ceasefire agreement between Pakistan and India on 25 February, 2021, the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir have been bearing the brunt of Indian atrocities as usual.

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