Modi real threat to world, report reveals facts


The dust of reports about the increasing incidents of smuggling of highly radioactive weapon-grade uranium has not yet settled in India under Narendra Modi when another scandal in the name of Kumbh Mela fake Covid test has emerged in the country’s Uttarakhand state.

Analytical reports released by Kashmir Media Service have consistently warning the world about India becoming a growing threat to the global health system and peace for number of reasons.

The fresh KMS report that reveals that over hundred thousand fake tests were conducted during the Hindu Kumbh Mela gatherings has testified the legitimate concern.

Police in Uttarakhand have registered a case against three private labs for filing the fake Covid reports.

Mobile numbers and addresses were used in more than 100,000 tests during the Kumbh festival in April. The private labs were hired by the state to screen visitors for Covid.

Uttarakhand was criticised for holding the festival, which attracted millions of people, during the pandemic.

Reports from different states suggested that those who returned from the festival ended up infecting a large number of people.

Unmasked crowds thronged the Kumbh festival in April. Private labs, based in Haryana and Delhi, were hired to conduct a majority of the tests.

However, media reports revealed that these labs faked Covid reports to meet their daily testing quota. The same phone numbers and addresses were used in hundreds of Covid reports.

The Kumbh Mela is the biggest Hindu festival – it draws people from all parts of India and the world.

But experts had warned in March that the festival should be canceled because of an impending second wave. But the government decided to go ahead, allowing people to visit from across the country.

Reports of fake Covid tests have also emerged from the northern state of Bihar where some primary healthcare centres have been accused of fudging data.

Uttarakhand’s Ex-CM Trivendra Singh Rawat said that Kumbh Mela Covid test scam akin to attempt to murder. —APP

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