Modernizing Pakistani Police


Sate-of-the-art technology plays an important role for any institution or organization to achieve the desired results in a more organized and professional manner. Looking at the present poor state of affairs of our police in terms of its satisfactory performance and effective delivery, there is an urgent need to modernize it with state-of-the-art technology to meet present day challenges.
Police is an important institution for any country. Its primary task is to safeguard the life, property and honour of its citizens by keeping a constant vigil on the anti-society and anti-state elements. And, such task cannot be accomplished by any police if it is not tuned to meet the present day challenges. Quality training and modern sophisticated weapons play an important role for a police to deal with any sort of insurgency in a more organized and professional manner. And, the Pakistani police are no exception to this regard.
There have been seventy two years to Pakistan’s independence; we have been unable to impart quality training to our police. Besides this, we have not been able to facilitate it with modern and sophisticated weapons to deal with anti-state elements. Even today, our police uses outdated and unreliable weapons introduced by the British rulers in subcontinent. Worse than this is that, our police is still relying on old techniques of fighting against anti-state elements.
Such old weapons and obsolete techniques of fighting are not going to help our cause of defeating evil elements who are using modern sophisticated weapons and modern techniques of fighting for the accomplishment of their nefarious designs. Looking at the present day challenges and for countering terrorists and other anti-state elements, it is utmost important that our police force be imparted specialized training. Besides this, it should be equipped with modern and sophisticated weapons so that it is able to defeat such anti-state elements with full vigour and equal force, and help our beautiful Pakistan in making it a terror-free society.

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