Modern sciences related to media to be taught at Media University: Farrukh


Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib on Wednesday said that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting would soon set up a Media University in which modern sciences related to media would be taught.

Addressing on the occasion of 9th Media Festival at ZBAST University he said that a conducive environment would be provided in the university.

The minister said that funds have been allocated to facilitate entrepreneurship, special economic zones were being created in which there were numerous opportunities for youth.

The minister said that when the Covid 19 challenge came, the whole world economy was in trouble, educational institutions were shutting down.

Prime Minister Imran Khan opposed complete lockdown, protecting lives and livelihoods together.

He said that 70,000 new companies were set up during the tenure of the present government, earning a net profit of Rs959 billion.

The real estate, IT and tourism sectors witnessed fast growth despite the outbreak of coronavirus which was manifestation of the government’s business friendly policies, he remarked.


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