Model project, exposing corruptions, mismanagement in Sindh Coal Authority

 Rao Bilal

Another story of corruption and mismanagement has come to light in Sindh. Sindh government’s model project Sindh Coal Authority is also full of irregularities. The audit of the project from 2014 to 2017 revealed important revelations.

According to the audit report, wrongful payments of 2.500 million were made in respect of power generation and the contract with MS Harbani Company was not presented before the audit team as suspicious.

In the audit report, there is no record of 7 lakh 28 thousand in provisional payments and fraud in tenders of 3.340 million has been found in respect of electrical equipment. 2.052 million Was embezzled in the name of payment of electricity bills and Rs 3.424 million was lost in the name of vehicle repair, which was not given to the audit team. Completion certificates of repaired vehicles are not taken.

In the audit, Rs 1.199 million was seized for stationery. 44.686 million rupees were spent in the name of electricity phone and other expenses and 6.108 million rupees were not recorded for petrol. 8.886 million rupees spent on fake rental offices were missing records. 115.721 million rupees were embezzled for land compensation. Payments have been made to many people despite not having ownership documents. 15.351 million Of the earnings of Thar Lodges and Rescue Center was not deposited in the missing government account.