‘Mistaken’ for staff



Britain’s new parliament may be the most diverse in its history but black and ethnic minority MPs say there is much room for improvement. Abena Oppong-Asare, a new London MP for the opposition Labour party, this weekend revealed her eye-opening experiences on arriving at Westminster following last month’s election. She said she was chatting to another MP in parliament when a counterpart from the governing Conservative party “walked straight to me to put his bag in my hands, asking me to look after it”. On Twitter, she also recalled how in her first week someone confused her with another black MP. When she corrected him, “he raised his eyebrows and said, wow there (are) more of you”. “I’m thinking I might need to write my name on my forehead as I think some people are really struggling to tell the difference,” she tweeted. The revelation came four years after prominent black Labour MP Dawn Butler made headlines by describing how an unnamed lawmaker suggested.