MIPD hosts Qualification Curriculum & Assessment Programme



Millennium Institute of Professional Development MIPD and Department of International Qualifications, Curriculum and Assessments hosted a special two-day Millennium Qualification Curriculum and Assessment Programme (MQCAP-2022) on the theme of “Redefining Leadership Together”.

This program was specifically structured to enhance leadership capacities predominantly in the realm of the academic sphere. The aim was to make school leaders view leadership as a PROCESS rather than a position of authority which should be distributed and exercised at all levels. This process has become more difficult because of post Covid challenges such as academics rigor, wellbeing, concentration spans, admissions, resources and much more.

Abbas Hussain, Director Teachers Development Centre, enlightened the delegates on the concept of “The Evolution of Classrooms Beyond the Classrooms- Redesigning Classrooms for the Future (from grassroots to classrooms).” He began his discourse by quoting Yong Zhao and introduced a new perspective to the present situation: A global crises is too good an opportunity to waste. He referred to distinguished scholars and expounded that “learning loss” is a dangerous idea, it should be called schooling loss.

While addressing the session, Dr. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq , Founder & CEO The Millennium Education Group, spoke on the very real-life concrete theme- “Journey from Curriculum to Concept” and reiterated The Millennium Education philosophy which is based on opportunity, achievement, excellence, discovery, and entrepreneurship. It is focused on scalability, sustainability, and creating social impact. He stressed the need to develop schools as “Social Enterprises”, and students as “Social Entrepreneurs”.

Dr. Faisal Mushtaq recapped the concept of “learn- unlearn- relearn” and commented, “Teaching and Learning is a journey not a destination.” He concluded his discourse by saying, “Lead the classroom that you wish to see in the world.”Besides many high notes, the need to redefine leadership and to get the best out of the system was revisited by setting, implementing, monitoring, reviewing, and refining campus-based goals, practices, and policies so that student learning outcomes are continuously improved.


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