Minority man warmly welcomed after return form India

Sawan Khaskheli

The minority individual, Mr. Ram Chanda S/O Veero Rebari, permanent resident of village Dhani Bux Pitafi, Malkani, Taluka Tando Bago district Badin has warmly welcomed on his return back to his home land Badin, Sindh on 10 February after repatriated by India.

It is pertinent to mention that Mr. Ram Chanda who left Pakistan to India on Jan 2020 amid to perform his religious rituals and enhancement of the economic condition of his family but due to Covid-19 and longer lockdown he was wedged in India for long the year by doing nothing there.

Mr. Ram Chanda on his return back to homeland, while talking media here at Badin said that his dream of performing his religious rituals and better economic prospects in the neighboring country went vain, futile and had been shattered. Saying that he had moved to India with hope of better but it was a ‘mockery’ and he suffered great complications saying that fact was most of the people in neighboring country were living in miserable condition and suffering from extreme poverty which can repel them to threat to their lives.

He said I returned back to my home country due to human rights violation, discrimination, mistreatment and massive law-breaking against the women, children and poor men there, he added. Other hand, district administration Badin on the directives of Deputy Commissioner Badin, Sayed Aijaz Ali Shah, Assistant Commissioner Tando Bago, Tahir Javed, his office staff, Mr. Rabindar Sharma, Mr. Jeevat of PTI and others dozens of citizens reached at the residency at of Mr. Chanda and warmly welcomed him by presenting Ajraks, garlands and distributing the sweets.