Minor Jannat returns home after five days of abduction


After five days since the one-year-old Jannat was abducted from Machar Colony allegedly by a veiled woman, she has showed up on Friday after unknown men left her in the area.


Police say unknown men have left her back in the area from where she was abducted, and now she has been given back in her family’s custody.


Police confirmed a veiled woman had snatched an one- year-old Jannat from her minor brother’s arms on Sunday when they were out on the streets in Machar Colony area.


Earlier, the locals confirmed unknown men dropped the minor girl in their area and after she began crying it was learned she is Jannat.


It is pertinent to note that the police had been stalling to lodge an FIR and begin case probe in Jannat case until they finally relented well into the third day since one-year-old Jannat Gul was abducted.


Jannat’s aggrieved family had been protesting the callous and irresponsive treatment by police as they had been denied complaint even as they suffer their child going missing.