Ministry of HRs celebrates National Working Women’s Day


Ministry of Human Rights, Islamabad on Wednesday organized an event to celebrate the National Working Women’s Day.

Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari, Secretary Human Rights, senior officers and all female working staff of ministry attended the event.

The day was declared as National Working Women’s Day by the Government of Pakistan in 2010 to recognize women’s contribution in the socio-economic development of the country. Men are no longer considered as the only bread earner of the household as the role of women has changed drastically with their growing presence in the all professions.

Addressing the participants, Dr. Shireen Mazari said that this day is to commemorate efforts of the working women who are not just working in offices but also at homes and they are financially supporting their families by adding a major contribution in household income. Therefore, there is a need to appreciate and acknowledge their role at all levels.

She added that, though, the number of working women is increasing day by day and greater presence of women can be seen at top echelons but our society is not satisfactorily sensitized or cognizant about the difficulties working women are facing. There are still certain barriers that they have to cross to prove themselves beneficial for working markets.

The minister human rights urged that there should be a change in rules for working women like maternity rules to make the working environment more enabling for them. She stated that we are in constant struggle from the forum of our ministry to create more working option available and to provide equal employment opportunities to women population in our country.

Secretary Human Rights, Mr, Inamullah Khan while speaking on this occasion said that role of women, in the progressive movement and all spheres of life, has always been a driving force for strengthening of society but we still have to go a long way for more emancipation of women that could only be achieved by breaking many long existing taboos to make an egalitarian society.

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