Ministry: Lack of experienced lecturers a serious challenge



The acting Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadim said that the lack of professional lecturers in the country’s universities is a serious challenges.

He asked Afghan lecturers who have left the country to come back during his visit to the province of Herat.

“From what center do you fill in the lack of these figures and cadres? For this purpose, schools serve as the foundation of universities,” Nadim said.

“The country must be self-sufficient and independent in all fields of knowledge,” said Noor Ahmad Islamjar, the governor of Herat.

The growth of modern science in the country’s universities is the only way to end Afghanistan’s dependence on other nations, the officials said.

“We invite our lecturers who have left Afghanistan and are currently overseas to come back,” Nadim said.

Meanwhile, Herat University professors and students said that one of the university’s major problems is the lack of professional lecturers.

“Most of our experienced lecturers, our talented professors, have left the nation and have immigrated,” said Aziz Rahman Niazi, a lecturer at Herat University.

“The main issue that exists in Herat University in general is the lack of lecturers,” said Rahmatullah, a student.

Herat University one of the biggest universities in the country.

According to statistics, majority of the university’s master’s and doctoral degree holders have left the country after the political change.—Tolonews