Minister orders to conduct survey Odero Lal Dargah affected by rains


Odero Lal Dargah is Symbol of Religious Harmony : Giyan Chand Essarani Provincial Minister for Minorities Affairs Giyan Chand Essarani has directed the engineering wing of the Minorities Affairs Department to conduct survey of historical Dargah of Udero Lal damaged by recent rains. The provincial minister has said that Dargah Udero Lal is a symbol of religious harmony in Sindh, which is a joint religious place for worship for Hindus and Muslims.

He said that Hindus and Muslims perform their religious rituals simultaneously in the same compound. The minister said that he had visited Udero Lal Dargah two back in connection with inauguration of a completed under the Department of Minorities Affairs .

He said that the some historic domes of the dargah have collapsed due to recent rains, while caretakers of Dargah have pointed out the leakages in roof in some parts of the dargah.

He said that the colors of the dargah and the floor of the courtyard have also been damaged.

He directed the survey team of the engineering wing of the Minorities Affairs Department to reach the dargah by tomorrow (Tuesday) and asked them to complete the survey of the dargah and prepare a rehabilitation scheme.

The provincial minister strictly instructed the survey team to include the suggestions of the Dargah caretakers in the survey.